Open Student Projects

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Computational Form Finding for Caustic Design

Interactive Design of Interlocking Plate Assemblies

Elastic Rod Model for Microstructure Design

Interactive Elastic Gridshell Design

Linear Buckling Analysis for Microstructures

Computational Design for Hierarchical Auxetics

Computational Design for Quad-pattern Auxetics

Interactive Remeshing

Porous Infill Design with Topology Optimization

Structural Analysis of Interlocking Assemblies

Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Interactive Modeling of Woodworking Joints

Ongoing Projects

Interactive Design of Isohedral Tiling Patterns

Completed Projects

Structure and Appearance Optimization for Controllable Shape Design

Stress Analysis for Shell Structures

Topology Optimization for Microstructure Design

A new way to knit

Wrinkles and Fine Skin Structures - Capturing and Simulation

Form Finding Optimization for Shading System

GPU Facade Grammars

State of the Art Shadow Mapping

Biomechanical Simulations

Face Animation Using a Color Projector and a Static Proxy

Fabrication-aware design of open-tiling

Real-Time Skin Deformation with Contact Modeling

Depth-supported segmentation of interacting hands

Laser Line Scanner
Raphael David

Curve Projection
Joël Rossier

Real-Time Tree Rendering

Hair Simulation
Merlin Nimier-David

3D Reconstruction using Handheld Devices
Min Zhao
Real-time Panorama
Michael Hutzli
Symmetry for Design
Christian Arevalo
Parametric Urban Shading
Cédric Tabin
Mesh Deformation
Stéphane Restani and Basile Perrenoud
Hair Rendering
Daniel Chappuis