Statue Model Repository

Below are the datasets for the statues that were created by the students during the Digital 3D Geometry Processing courses.

The digital models of each statue are created in the following steps:

  1. take a series of photos of the statue
  2. use the photos to reconstruct an initial point cloud with color and normal information, using Pix4D or VisualSFM (with CMVS and PMVS)
  3. clean up the initial point cloud
  4. reconstruct a mesh surface from the point cloud using Poisson Surface Reconstruction or Screened Poisson surface reconstruction
  5. post-process the reconstructed mesh (decimation, remeshing, smoothing, editing, etc.)

Each dataset includes the original photos, the point clouds (including the reconstructed one and the cleaned one if available), and the final mesh.

During the project, some statue data were created but not used in the video. They are also available for download.


Usage of the Data

The geometry and image data on this page can be used for free for research purposes. Any renderings created from the data can be published in scholarly articles, posters, or books, provided credit is given to the EPFL Geometric Computing Laboratory.

The models or any images or 3D data created from the models are not to be used for commercial purposes without our written permission.


Dataset 2014

Dataset 2013


Dataset 2012


Extra Data