Speaker: Simon Schubiger, Head of Software Development, Esri Zurich R&D Center

Wednesday, November 23rd, 16:15pm - 17:00pm in INR 219

Title: CityEngine: from a research prototype to a leading 3D product

This talk will highlight the past four years of Procedural Inc., a Swiss startup company which has a major impact on how cityscapes are created nowadays for movies such as Pixar's Cars 2, computer games as well as for urban planning, architecture, and simulation. Procedural's CityEngine takes a radically different, rule based approach to the creation of complex 3D sceneries while reducing 3D design time by at least an order of magnitude. Starting from a masters and then PhD thesis at ETHZ, over the foundation of startup company up to the recent acquisition by Esri, Procedural's CityEngine evolved from a research prototype to a multi-platform, state-of-the-art procedural 3D modeling tool. The talk will also introduce procedural modeling and its applications in computer graphics for today's ever growing virtual environments.

Website: http://www.procedural.com/