Speaker: Sarah Amsellem, faceshift

Thursday, April 16th, 13:15 - 14:00 in INF3

Title: faceshift - be your avatar.

Sarah Amsellem is the lead engineer of faceshift AG, headquartered in Zurich. She received an MSc in Computer Graphics from the UTBM engineering school in France, spending the last semester at ETH Zurich and working with Disney Research. Before joining faceshift she has also worked with Liberovision, Ubisoft, and the Blue Brain Project at EPFL.

The first consumer depth camera, the Microsoft Kinect, was released in 2010. Many researchers immediately saw the potential, and started creating projects based on the sensor. The team at the EPFL computer graphics lab realized that it would be possible to precisely measure facial motion without the inconvenient markers that had previously been necessary, and span off faceshift AG to transform the technology into real products. Since then, sensors have become smaller and more precise, and this year we will start to see them integrated into portable devices.
Sarah Amsellem will explain how the hardware and software works, and how faceshift is staying ahead in an area of rapid innovation and competition. She will also discuss the current state of the market and offer a glimpse into what’s coming next.