Speaker: Matthias Mueller-Fischer, NVidia
Wednesday, December 7th, 14:15pm - 16:00pm in INR 219

Title: Physics in Games

The problem of simulating the real world using physical equations has been thoroughly studied for decades in the computational sciences such as computational material science or computational fluid dynamics with the goal of replacing experiments with computer simulations. Accuracy is the most important requirement in this case. In recent years, physical simulations have been used in computer graphics as well to create effects in movies and video games. Here, controllability is central. Movie directors and game developers want the be able to control the look and outcome of physical effects. In computer games, additional requirements are unconditional stability and speed. So even if the problem of solving physical equations numerically is well researched in the computational sciences, new methods are needed in computer graphics and the gaming industry to meet all the additional constraints. In this lecture I will present simulation methods that have been designed especially for computer games. I will show them in action both in videos and real-time demos.