Speaker: David Bommes, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, RWTH Aachen

Monday, July 25, 11:00am, in BC 329

Title: Generating and Optimizing Quadrilateral Surface Meshes for Animation and Simulation

In the area of high-quality animation and simulation well structured quadrilateral meshes play an important role. Unfortunately the generation of such meshes is very challenging, since many diverse quality criteria like mesh regularity, element orientation and element distortion have to be optimized simultaneously. In the first part of the talk a mixed-integer formulation of the quadrilateral mesh generation process is derived and a fast heuristic solver for its optimization is presented. While the resulting quadrilateral meshes are quite appealing from a local point of view, their global structure is often not sufficient for in practice highly desired multi-level representations. To overcome this limitation the global structure can be optimized by repairing helical structures with discrete operators directly applied to the mesh, which will be the topic of the second part of the talk.