Speaker: Brian Amberg, Post-doctoral Researcher, Graphics and Vision Research Group, University of Basel

Tuesday, November 22nd, 11:15am - 12:00pm in BC 329

Title: Optimal Landmark Detection using Shape Models and Branch and Bound

Fitting statistical 2D and 3D shape models to images is necessary for a variety of tasks, such as video editing and face recognition. Much progress has been made on local fitting from an initial guess, but determining a close enough initial guess is still an open problem. One approach is to detect distinct landmarks in the image and initalize the model fit from these correspondences. This is difficult, because detection of landmarks based only on their local appearance is inherently ambiguous, making it necessary to use global shape information for the detections. We propose a method to solve the combinatorial problem of selecting out of a large number of candidate landmark detections the configuration which is best supported by a shape model. Our method, as opposed to previous approaches, always finds the globally optimal configuration.