Research at the EPFL Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory focuses on efficient representations and algorithms for digital 3D models. The goal of our research is to understand the principles of geometric computing and modeling, and to develop new algorithms and tools for efficient 3D model representation, shape analysis, simulation, design, and interaction.

The projects below provide entry points to different research activities of our lab. Check out the Publications page for additional information. For a list of ongoing or announced student projects see Student Projects.


Digital Fabrication & Architectural Geometry

The objective of this research is to investigate mathematical concepts, robust algorithms, scalable geometric optimization techniques, and flexible data structures to form a computational toolset for architectural design/construction and digital fabrication.

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Human Performance Capture

This project covers the full pipeline for data-driven modeling and animation of virtual avatars, which includes real-time markerless acquisition, tracking in non-rigid partial data, deformable shape completion, motion-retargeting, and automatic character rigging.

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Physics-Based Animation

This project investigates new physics-based approaches for the animation and control of deformable objects and fluids, as well as their interaction.

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COSYM - Computational Symmetry

The goal of this project is to investigate a new generalized model of geometric symmetry as a unifying concept for studying spatial organization in geometric data.

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