Online Generative Model Personalization for Hand Tracking

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia), 2017


We present a new algorithm for real-time hand tracking on commodity depth-sensing devices. Our method does not require a user-specific calibration session, but rather learns the geometry as the user performs live in front of the camera, thus enabling seamless virtual interaction at the consumer level. The key novelty in our approach is an online optimization algorithm that jointly estimates pose and shape in each frame, and determines the uncertainty in such estimates. This knowledge allows the algorithm to integrate per-frame estimates over time, and build a personalized geometric model of the captured user. Our approach can easily be integrated in state-of-the-art continuous generative motion tracking software. We provide a detailed evaluation that shows how our approach achieves accurate motion tracking for real-time applications, while significantly simplifying the workflow of accurate hand performance capture.