Reconstructing Personalized Anatomical Models for Physics-based Body Animation

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia), 2016


We present a method to create personalized anatomical models ready for physics-based animation, using only on a set of surface 3D scans. We start by building a template anatomical model of an average male which supports deformations due to both 1) subject-specific variations: shapes and sizes of bones, muscles, and adipose tissues and 2) skeletal poses. Next, we capture a set of 3D scans of an actor in various poses. Our key contribution is formulating and solving a large-scale optimization problem where we solve for both subject-specific and pose-dependent parameters such that our resulting anatomical model explains the captured 3D scans as closely as possible. Compared to data-driven body modeling techniques that focus only on the surface, our approach has the advantage of creating physics-based models, which provide realistic 3D geometry of the bones and muscles, and naturally supports effects such as inertia, gravity, and collisions according to the Newtonian dynamics.