Sofien Bouaziz, Mario Deuss, Yuliy Schwartzburg, Thibaut Weise, Mark Pauly


Shape-Up: Shaping Discrete Geometry with Projections

Symposium on Geometry Processing 2012


We introduce a unified optimization framework for geometry processing based on shape constraints. These constraints preserve or prescribe the shape of subsets of the points of a geometric data set, such as polygons, one-ring cells, volume elements, or feature curves. Our method is based on two key concepts: a shape proximity function and shape projection operators. The proximity function encodes the distance of a desired least-squares fitted elementary target shape to the corresponding vertices of the 3D model. Projection operators are employed to minimize the proximity function by relocating vertices in a minimal way to match the imposed shape constraints. We demonstrate that this approach leads to a simple, robust, and efficient algorithm that allows implementing a variety of geometry processing applications, simply by combining suitable projection operators. We show examples for computing planar and circular meshes, shape space exploration, mesh quality improvement, shape-preserving deformation, and conformal parametrization. Our optimization framework provides a systematic way of building new solvers for geometry processing and produces similar or better results than state-of-the-art methods.

Constraint-based optimization and interactive shape exploration on different geometry representations. Blue dots denote handle positions, green areas are constrained to remain rigid and red spheres indicate that vertices should be arranged on a sphere.