Teaching at LGG focuses on topics in computer graphics and digital geometry processing. Various courses and semester or master projects offer entry points to the fascinating world of 3D graphics and geometry. On the undergraduate level, Introduction to Computer Graphics focuses mainly on algorithms for realtime rendering. We study the mathematical foundations, graphical concepts, and basic algorithms to generate realistic images from digital representations of a 3D scene.

We offer two courses for master and doctoral students. Advanced Computer Graphics focuses on realism. How can we generate an image that is indistinguishable from a photograph? How can we model a virtual 3D scene that looks real? How can we animate such a scene in a realistic fashion? These are the core questions that we address in this class. The course Digital 3D Geometry Processing is concerned with the fundamental algorithms for creating, processing, and editing 3D geometry. Students create their own digital objects from raw 3D scans by performing all the core steps of the 3D content creation pipeline. See the course results at lgg.epfl.ch/statues.

All our courses put a high emphasis on learning through hands-on experience. The material discussed during the lectures is applied in programming exercises and class projects that are designed to stimulate active learning and creative exploration.

In addition to the above courses, we offer a variety of Projects at the bachelor, master, and PhD level. Projects provide an opportunity to explore a specific topic in computer graphics in depth and directly participate in our research activities.