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Speaker: Henrik Zimmer

Friday, Nov 28th, 11:00, in BC 329

Title: Zometool Shape Approximation

This talk presents an approach for performing constrained remeshing, i.e., remeshing where the used mesh elements are constrained to come from some predefined set. Specifically, in this work topology-preserving approximations of 2-manifold input surfaces are computed using only parts from the Zometool system. This construction system relies on a single node type with a small, fixed set of directions and only 9 different edge types. While being naturally well suited for modeling symmetries, various polytopes or visualizing molecular structures, the inherent discreteness of the system poses difficult constraints on any algorithmic approach to support the modeling of freeform shapes. We contribute a set of local, topology preserving (Zome) mesh modification operators enabling efficient exploration of the space of 2-manifold Zome models around the given input shape. Starting from a rough initial approximation, the operators are iteratively applied within a stochastic framework guided by an energy functional that measures the approximation quality. The stochastic optimization helps dealing with the inherently high combinatorial complexity and we further parallelize the optimization for an additional speed-up.
Our approach is demonstrated on a number of designs and we also show how parameters can be varied to obtain different model complexities.

Henrik Zimmer is currently a post-doc fellow at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. He studied Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, where he also finished his PhD in 2014 under the supervision of Professor Leif Kobbelt. His research interests include Geometry Processing in general and Architectural Geometry in particular.

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