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Speaker: Anders Holden Deleuran

Tuesday, April 22nd, 14:00, in BC 329

Title: Complex Modelling - Introduction of guest PhD student Anders Holden Deleuran

Anders is a forthcoming guest PhD student at LGG under the co-supervision of Professor Dr. Mark Pauly. In this presentation he will introduce his academic and professional background through a brief selection of projects implementing various computational design methods. Following this he will present his PhD research project and its context within the overarching “Complex Modelling in Architectural Design” project currently being carried out at CITA in collaboration with external partners. This project investigates the infrastructure of computational design models and questions the expanded digital design chain and how to support feedback between different scales of design engagement moving from material design, across architectural design, simulation and analysis to specification and fabrication. Extending this agenda Anders’ PhD project explores how to develop nonlinear computational design models with an increased focus on integrative and networked models across the design chain. The presentation will attempt to link these themes to work carried out by the LGG group and open the discussion for possible future collaborations with CITA.

Anders Holden Deleuran is a PhD fellow at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (KADK). His research project extends the interdisciplinary Sapere Aude funded “Complex Modelling” project specifically investigating integrative development strategies for nonlinear computational design models. He gained professional experience working for the international architecture practice Aedas as a computational design researcher within their R&D group. Here he developed and implemented a diverse range of computational design and analysis tools which were deployed in winning competition work, project commissions and in primary research for the EU funded FP7 project RIBS. Prior to this he worked as a research assistant at CITA working on numerous projects including collaborations with Mark Burry (SIAL/RMIT) and Philip Beesley Architects. Anders furthermore has extensive tutoring experience through his work at CITA and as an external lecturer at SIAL/RMIT, KTH Stockholm, TU Delft, IE University and Aalborg University. He received his M.Sc. Eng. in Architecture & Design from Aalborg University, Denmark and completed the Advanced Design Visualisation course at Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden.

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