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Speaker: Nobuyuki Umetani, Disney Research Zurich

Wednesday, Oct 8th, 13:00, in BC 329

Title: Interactive Design of Functional Shapes

Physical simulation allows validation of geometric designs without tedious physical prototyping. However, since geometric modeling and physical simulation are typically separated, simulations are mainly used for rejecting bad design, and, unfortunately, not for assisting creative exploration towards better designs. In this talk, I introduce several interactive approaches to integrate physical simulation into geometric modeling to actively support creative design process. More specifically, I demonstrate the importance of (i) presenting the simulation results in real-time during user’s interactive shape editing so that the user immediately sees the validity of current design, and to (ii) providing a guide to the user so that he or she can efficiently explore the valid deign space. I present novel algorithms to achieve these requirements.

Nobuyuki Umetani is a postdoctoral researcher in Disney Research Zurich. The principle research question he addresses through his research is: how to integrate real-time physical simulation into interactive geometric modeling procedure to facilitate creativity. He broadly interested with physics simulation, especially the finite element method, applied for computer animation, biomechanics, and mechanical engineering. He earned Ph.D. degree in University of Tokyo in September 2012 under supervision of Prof. Takeo Igarashi. You can find more at: http://www-ui.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~ume/

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